Fruitful Movie Day

[Update: We ended up seeing Jesus Camp, a documentary about the envangelical-Christian movement in the Midwest. It focuses on a children’s pastor and her summer camp. It’s very well done and objective and very scary if you believe you in separation of church and state.]

Twin Cities runneth over in good films this weekend.

Lets see… Franken’s God Spoke at Oak Street, Half Nelson at Parkway, Inconvenient Truth at Riverview, 49-Up and Jesus Camp at Lagoon, World Trade Center at the Roseville 4 (cheap tickets), Little Miss Sunshine at Lagoon (among others). All of these are at least worthy of your consideration and should have some substance. Of them, I saw only one — Little Miss Sunshine — and would give it a 3.8 out of 5 stars and definitely worth it if you like Alan Arkin who plays a cocaine-snorting, obscenity-spouting Grandpa.

Sorry, no time to dig up links for you.

I think Mary and I will end up at God Spoke but I may lobby for Half Nelson.

Don’t fret about wasting this gorgeous day indoors as there will be plenty more like it. The last few days of dreary cold were an abberation as the earth is warming from the global perspective. (See Inconvenient Truth above.) tags:


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