iPod Crash & Burn

Certain podcasts cause my 5G iPod video to crash and restart itself. The first time it happened, I erased the podcast and downloaded it again. No luck. I started getting worried that maybe something was wrong with the internal hard drive.

But it only happened once so I didn’t worry too much. Then there were several occurrences with various podcasts. Too random to be some weirdness in the podcast format itself. And if you are wondering if it happened with any tunes, it probably would have but I generally listen to podcasts.

So off to Google where I found that others had the problem, generally after the iTunes 7 update.

I found two solutions at the MacRumors forums. One, do a Restore of the iPod software which will wipe out all of your tunes, podcasts, and whatever else you carry around.

Two, set the offending podcast to start a second late. You do this in the Get Info box for the file. It works. It really works. And it doesn’t take too long to set it as the command remembers where you were on previous access.

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