Foil Disk Technology Will Play Songs Faster On Your iPod!

Robert X. Cringely is shamelessly promotes a new technology he is financially involved with. It’s a new drive technology that will hold more data, operate at major savings, take up less space, are more reliable. And faster; the drives will be much faster. It is a holy grail of sorts but it sounds like he truly found it.

It’s based on a metal foil technology that has been patented for years. The company is Antek Peripherals, Inc., run by Anil Nigam and Jim White (and Bob, for all I know).  

One big thing here is it’s CHEAPER and the other big thing is it’s SMALLER so it can be used in things like iPods and digital cameras.  And since it’s more energy-efficient, battery life extends. That’s a BIG thing too.

This has enormous implications on our computing life. Think Negroponte’s One Laptop per Child project.

We will have to wait about a year.

Read the comments for some pushback. Looks like some moderated comments directly follow the article and there are another 160+ elsewhere.

New site design at I, Cringely. Very nice.

Bob originally presented his idea at the ACM conference and there is video here.

Follow the discussion at Techmeme. tags:


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