Best Buy Installs Work 2.0

Business Week article about Best Buy corporate where they have trashed the time clock and allowed most employees to work when and where they want. They call it ROWE, “results-only work environment”; you are measured on results and not how many minutes you are on location. How they got to ROWE is told in the story and it’s fascinating. There is also a podcast with an interview with the reporter.

Turnover is down. Productivity is up. Job satisfaction is up.

They plan to bring this to the retail stores also.

This is the real potential of the Internet thing. You trust your workers and most of them will come through for you because you have empowered them. With the off-site working, you can save money on office real estate. Employees save money on commuting costs.

They aren’t the first but most companies that are doing it now – like IBM – are in the tech space. tags:


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