Minnedemo Heating Up Winter Landscape

Minnedemo on Ice is on for Monday, Dec. 11, at Acadia Cafe, located at Franklin and Nicollet in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. At the moment, there are 134 names on the Attendees list. Is your name there? It should be. We had lots of fun at the last Minnedemo at Chiang Mai Thai in Calhoun Square.

Acadia Cafe is a great venue for the event. The cafe area is separate from the stage for demos so we can socialize, network, and craft multimillion dollar deals without disturbing the presenters.

And let’s not fail to mention Acadia’s beer list and menu. (I recommend the Rachel sandwhich.)

So come along and join in the festivities and celebrate the special iced edition of Minnesota’s one-and-only Minnedemo.


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