Minneapolis City Council trades libraries for police

Star Tribune: Council grants 3 libraries one-time funding (Terry Collins)

By a very close vote, the City Council decided not to provide a moderate level of funding ($250,000) for the cities libraries. With this move, Minneapolis will likely lose three community libraries.

Public safety is the issue. We will be adding forty-three officers to the police force. I have to question whether more police is the answer to the crime problems that many Council members see in our city. Do we have studies or any research showing that this move will result in a reduction of crime? Are there alternative (and less costly) methods of reducing crime?

Doesn’t having vital community meeting places where you can check out books and movies serve to reduce crime? Libraries are a form of respect for the community and which leads the people in the community to feel better about themselves. I have to think there’s also a correlation between low literacy rates and increased crime.

Libraries are especially critical in this city as more and more immigrants move here. They need this public resource and they need it open when they are not working.

If you live in Minneapolis, let the mayor and your council member know that the libraries need to remain open and hours need to expand.

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