Update: Some tech woes solved

Following up on yesterdays post, a few of my technical difficulties are resolved.

  1. The Compaq laptop now prints to my Epson printer. Although Epson tells you to ignore the Windows Hardware Wizard and use their installer, that assumes your Windows install is ready to work with a USB device. Once I went through the wizard, the Epsons install worked. (Previous printer was also USB so I would of thought that the laptop was configured.) (In my geek defense, most of you should know that I’m a Mac guy and printers are generally plug-and-play.)
  2. I have not found a more-recent-than-2002 version of my YAP password database (meaning I’m missing a bunch of passwords) but I did seem to get the sync operation to backup the latest version to disk. I still need to experiment and make sure it updates every time I sync. The very obvious moral to this story is always test your backups.
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