NBC’s 30Rock streamin’

NBC has all the 30Rock episodes online starting with the pilot. They start broadcasting fresh episodes Jan. 4. The buzz on the Web is that it’s a good show so I watched the first two episodes tonight.

It’s good and it’s funny. Tina Fey (the show’s creator and one of the executive producers) is the head writer of some weird comedy show called The Girlie Show. I like Ms. Fey. Tracy Morgan plays a (possibly) mentally ill super star who is going to be on The Girlie Show which is renamed TGS. Alec Baldwin is very good at playing a network VP who is going to retool the show.

It’s not Arrested Development which ranks in my top 10 sitcoms and probably #1 currently for this century. But it’s definitely worth checking out. Lots of other excellent players that I’m not familiar with but I don’t watch tv often.

To round out the SNL heritage, Lorne Michaels is the other executive producer.

The presentation isn’t bad. The show is divided into three parts and you must suffer through three short commercials. It’s peppier than ABC’s streaming player and it didn’t freeze up which was a major problem last time I watched Lost (ABC).

In the spirit of Doc Searls, here’s a bonus Tina Fey link.

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