Saturday Serendipity: Spike Jones and Big Mama Thornton

Still from Spike Jones video, Cocktails for Two, three men in drag singing.Roy sent along a link to a Spike Jones music video posted at the News From Me site. No date on the video but the song, Cocktails for Two, was a big hit for Jones and the City Slickers in 1944. Spike is the bartender.

I started digging around. At Wikipedia I found an alternate video version of the same song.

Big Mama Thornton singing Hound Dog, YouTube video stillAt YouTube, I found myself embedded in a world of nostalgic music videos and Big Mama Thornton sauntered in and started singing Hound Dog, the song she originally recorded in 1953, three years before Elvis P. sanitized it for white folk.

Bonus Link: Alternate Hound Dog version. tags:


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