Saturday Serendipity 2: David Byrne at NYT

Saturday is becoming the music post day as Roy once again sends me some musically-related link. Last Saturday, it was a Spike Jones video, this week it's a NY Times article about David Byrne by Will Hermes.

It's not an in-depth interview but definitely worth the read for those of us who aren't Byrne fanatics but buy his music faithfully and like to keep up with what he's doing.

His current project is Here Lies Love, a musical about Imelda Marcos.

A 1983 Letterman interview is mentioned in the Times piece. No link but I've dug it up for you. This is during the Talking Heads period and the group performs I Zimbra. Wretched video and audio quality but it's worth it to see Byrne's moves.

The article mentions Byrne's Journal but curiously ignores his web radio site. tags:


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