Blogger: The Switch

Update: Still have an old-style Blogger blog? It looks like if you go to, there is a log-in available for the old blogs. I can’t test it as I’m in the new system. And I’m reasonably happy with it.

Google rolled the new Blogger out of beta several months ago and they have been inviting me to migrate my blog to the new system. I’ve avoided the move because I was afraid of losing comments (I use Haloscan for commenting because they provide a trackback system) and because I use for categories. I knew the part would break; wasn’t sure about the comments.

Yesterday Google forced my hand. I was not able to get past the migrate screen without, well, migrating. I could still post via email or youtube or flicr to the old blog but I couldn’t edit any posts. So I pushed the button.

The new Blogger does have categories to replace the tagging system I used.

No other problems so far.


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