Desperately Seeking Broadband

I’m trying to find reasonably-priced broadband access for a close friend in Santa Fe, NM who is having some health problems and not up to the task of waiting on hold and then waiting some more. Qwest has DSL service for $31.95 (monthly) but they are at full capacity in the area where she lives. She can get on a waiting list. Comcast wants about $60 per month (current special will get her six months for $51.95). Basic cable + Internet is $69.95. That’s pricey broadband and she will likely keep dial-up for now.

That may be all of her choices. I think I’m going to try calling the city gov in Santa Fe and see if they know of any other possibilities.

Stumbled on a related article at Doc Searls’ Blog.

Tragedy of the Comcast

There is nothing wrong with cable and phone companies making money by providing services. There is something wrong with cable and phone companies treating the Net as a secondary or tertiary service when in fact it is a fundamental public utility.


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