Life Time Fitness Meets Buzz

Star Tribune’s is definitely worth checking out for local stories written by people just like you and me. They have some true citizen-media-journalism hyperlocal placeblogging going on. I think anyone can get an account and publish.

Make sure to check the Life Time Fitness thread by nmdevitt:

Are you a member of LifeTime Fitness, which now operates all the (former) Northwest Athletic Clubs? Am I the only one who is ANGRY that the two oldest, worst-equipped clubs are in a tier (eg, St Louis Park and Crosstown) with higher monthly dues than the newer, far-better euipped clubs (eg, Chanhassen, Plymouth clubs)?

She’s started a grassroots campaign and hit a serious nerve regarding Lifetime and it’s fee structures. She got a story in Star Tribune (which I cannot locate in their search engine). She has managed to get her own membership terminated by the corporation (bad move, Life Time).

This would have been soooo hard to accomplish in pre-blog days.

You will note that sometimes I use “Life Time” and sometimes “Lifetime.” If you go to the Life-Time site, you’ll see that they are not sure who they are either.


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