Minnebar Report

[Update. More food for the masses: a cold-cut plate. Minnebar took care of us.]

Almost 400 hundred people signed up for Minnebar. No clear idea how many are here but there should have some idea post-conference via registrations and business cards.

The space is good for the crowd with plenty of spaces for the sessions and for ad hoc discussions. Many thanks to Ben, Luke, and Dan.

Wireless access is donated by ipHouse and it’s blazing with downloads around 3Mbps.

Noise is a problem. It’s hard to hear many of the presentations and ambient talk is everywhere. A PA system at each main presentation space would be great with wireless miking so you can catch audience questions. Maybe they can score a sponsor next year to offer something like that.

We did run out of pizza. I think we need to enforce a one-piece-only directive in the first time around so everyone gets something.

Overall, I’ll give it 4.5 (of 5) stars. Good job!

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