Is MySpace safe now, Grandpa?

With the 29,000 sex offenders banished from MySpace, is it safe now? Well yes, just don’t let the kids outside and avoid family gatherings.

Stephanie Booth at Climb to the Stars has a really good post that we should all read and then we can ignore the main-stream-media yowling inspired by US state attorney generals. (Thanks to danah boyd for pointing me there and read her stuff too.)

This issue intertwines with both net neutrality and digital inclusion. You can bet the fear of sex offenders will serve the purposes of the telco-cable incumbents who can then offer to protect us if we let them control the Net so they can ensure family-friendly content. And the internet-sex-fear mantra permeating the popular media space will strengthen parent’s resolve to keep that Internet stuff out of the house cause it’s too dangerous.

Yes, the Web poses danger to kids and they need to be responsible. But the research shows that they’re at more risk off the Net than on.

I peed behind a tree in a park once. In some states that’s enough to get me sex offender status. Will MySpace ask me to leave now?


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