Wither Wimax & BT pushes FON

At CNN Fortune Magazine Stephanie Mehta looks at Wimax deployments (or lack thereof) in The curse of WiMax. The article brings up interesting issues such as Wimax as a mobile solution (initially it was a fixed option with radio waves simply replacing wires) and Long Term Evolution, a competing technology (and one I wasn’t aware of).

Meanwhile, British Telecom (BT) is hoping all of their customers become Foneros and share bandwidth with their FON routers. FON subscribers would have free access to any FON router (worldwide) while non-users (known as “Aliens”) would buy a daily pass. BT will engineer their routers to become a FON router.

It’s within the realm of possibility that a FON enabled community could provide service comparable to a wireless mesh system. Right? It’s an interesting proposition.

Share and share alike at the BBC site.

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