Netheads in Washington: Freedom to Connect Conference

David Isenberg is once again hosting Freedom to Connect (F2C) on March 31 and April 1 in Washington, DC. The theme is The Netheads Come to Washington and the conference will be a platform for the Nethead voices.

I went to last year’s F2C and had a great time. If you’re interested in broadband policy and concerned about who is controlling the main internet pipes, you can learn a lot here. Check the speakers list and check their blogs and papers. The venue — AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring, MD — is very nice too and easy to get to on the Metro.

And what other conference provides a musician in residence? Last year it was Howard Levy, harmonica player and founding member of the Flecktones. He wailed blues pieces during the breaks. Then there’s the reception and party.

Registration jumps from $350 to $450 tomorrow but David will let you make a case if that’s a hardship.

Link: F2C: Freedom to Connect

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