Wiring California: Report from the Broadband Task Force

The California Broadband Task Force just released its report. Although California leads the nation in broadband availability with 96 percent coverage, they still have 2,000 communities unable to access high-speed internet and just over half of its households using broadband. It is an innovative and detailed report with specific recommendations spelled out. It looks like it could serve as a model for other states and perhaps the US itself.

Nicely formatted, the end of each Recommendation section provides a bulleted summary.

Here are a few details.

  1. Allow Community Service Districts to provide broadband if private sector doesn’t in a location.
  2. Establish a public/private partnership to ensure every household with a child is able to have a computer, high-speed internet access, and ability to use it.
  3. Provide tax incentives to technology-based businesses offering training and technical support to at-risk communities, particularly disabled and low-literacy populations.
  4. Implement a shared vision, strategic plan, and sustainable business model for an E-Health network.

Link: Broadband Task Force Report – California Broadband Initiative

via Rick Mahn and GigaOM.

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