The annual Minnebar post

Saturday, May 10, Minnebar returns to Minneapolis with new host University of Minnesota Software Engineering Center. As a U of MN employee, I want to say that I’m very proud that we are hosting this event. We talk a lot over at the U about community engagement but sadly we don’t walk the walk often enough. This Saturday will be an exception as over 300 geeky types invade the Coffman Student Union. Sessions start at 8:30 a.m. but you will want to get there at 8 to register.

There is a pre-event mixer Friday night (8 p.m.) at the Bulldog NE (401 E. Hennepin). The Refactr bunch will feed you. You pay for the booze. Pfhyper has to babysit grandsons that night but they go to bed early so he’s hoping to make an appearance wearing an old Minnebar T. Wave to him.

Presenters please remember that this is an unconference. Powerpoint is tolerated but if the discussion gets going forget about the damn slides and go with the flow.

Bonus links!

@graemethickins somehow found a tentative Minnebar schedule and posted it for us.

A pfhyper tweet from Minnebar 2007.

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