Minneapolis Media Reform: The Conference Begins

NCMR Welcome Party
Mary, Michael, & Dusty at the NCMR Welcome Party

I am at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Josh Silver from Free Press is giving the welcome address. It’s inspiring. Glad I’m here. He is telling us how much we need an open Internet and not the closed the Internet of the big Telcos. The debate over this goes on and he says it will be either open or closed and it will be all or nothing and it will be one of the porfound fights of our lives. I totally believe he’s right. We have no true conception in this country of what an open Internet will bring us. “The future of the Internet does not belong to Rupert Murdoch…. It belongs to us, all of us.” Live streaming of the event at http://www.freepress.net/conference/.

Last night was the welcome party at Trocaderos with Willie Murphy and the Angel Headed Hipsters, The
International Reggae All-Stars, Cadillac Kolstad and the Flats, Ellen Stanley, Dan Newton and Spider John Koerner. Great music! I grabbed some photos.

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