Minneapolis Unwired: Star Tribune thinks it’s a good idea

The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran an editorial today urging the City to accept US Internet’s wireless network. “Minneapolis has approached Wi_Fiu with modest expectations and a sound public-private business model.”

They kind of make a funny when they mention the “reemergence of leaves” as a problem (they cause interference). Many of us in the City knew that the pesky leaves would be returning and would cause problems for all the radios installed during the leafless winter. It happened last year too.

Editorial: Overcoming hype, Wi-Fi holds promise

According to the article (and confirmed from other sources), there are now about 9,600 subscribers. Friends are asking if they should switch. If you do, realize there may be some configuration time in getting a good signal. Also make sure upfront that you can get all your money back if it just doesn’t work. And let pfhyper know about your experiences.

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