Meet Mr. Slim: New AC unit downstairs

We live in (and own) a duplex in Minneapolis. We're on the second floor. We have baseboard electric heating so no ductwork for a central AC system. We have an older industrial AC unit mounted in the wall which does an adequate job of cooling about half of our unit. There's no installed AC in the tenant's unit. Or there wasn't. Now there is. We just had a Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Split-ductless Heat Pump installed. (Never mind that this is ??a record-breaking COOL summer in Minneapolis.)

It's??really,??really??quiet.??Besides??cooling??to??12,000??BTU,??it??will??also??provide??heating??at??a??13,600??BTU??rating which installer said would give enough heat down to freezing temps.??It??was??pricey??but??we??can??get??some??stimulus??money??to cover??30%??of??the??install??charges.??(It??is??Energy-Star??rated.)

We are considering (and have a bid) on having one installed upstairs next year.??



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