Day at the Fair (photos)

We went to the Minnesota State Fair today starting with the Milk Run 5K (sorry, no photos), then returning for a family day with the daughter and her family. It was a beautiful day for it (if a bit cool in the morning).??


Paul is the singing guy in the video and my son-in-law.

That's Robbie the Oldest Grandson showing off some autographs he got over by Fan Chatter.

Crayfish are by the DNR building (although I bet they put different critters out each day).??

The fish. If you aren't from around here, you may not know that our fish pond is one of the most popular spots at the fair.??

Trash sculpture. Always an interesting art piece. They make a scavenger hunt out of it as you try to find particular pieces of trash in the sculpture.??I can't find the 2009 artist's name at the State Fair site. Looks like they will tell us after the fair is over.??

Seth the Middle Grandson is eating a turkey leg. His father ate most of it but lets him gnaw on the bone.

How the hell long has Spamville been at the fair???

Lego Nation leaves the Fair today (and travels to Colorado State Fair). Very busy with lots of kids.

The art show. Does anyone anywhere put on an art show like this one? 2,105 artists from all over the state submitted work this year and 382 pieces were accepted. A wonderful show! (I did think photography was a bit weak this year but it was made up for by some incredible photo-realistic pencil work.) I photographed a few pieces.
Alligator Alley is by Denise M. Rouleau
Check out Morning Ritual the necklace by Elizabeth M. Garvey. Those aren't shells.
The lure is entitled Fish Story and by Michael A. Hall.
Bone Doggy is by Mark Davidson



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