First thoughts on my Wave World adventure



Somewhat random notes from my first visit to Google Wave. 

“A wave is a hosted conversation.” (from the Google Wave in Action video) Ah ha. That’s a good description. A wave is also boring when you’re all alone.

Video says you can drag and drop from iPhoto but neglects to mention that you have to install Gears. Wonder if I can do that directly from Flickr. 

Installing Gears.

With Gears installed, I can drag photos from desktop or from iPhoto. I was not able to drag an image from a web page however. Very nice and Waves gives a full-screen display when you click the thumbnail.

SHIFT-ENTER closes or opens “blips” which are the things waves are made of.

Double-click a blip to reply/edit that blip.

You can edit someone else’s blip as they are editing it. There was some highlighting indicating the other editor at one point but it went away. There doesn’t seem a way to identify who typed what if you are in the same blip.

Easy to get lost in a Wave if you are replying to previous blips or editing old ones. Is there a way to manage or sort? Ah ha. Playback mode goes through the wave in chronological order and indicates edits with yellow highlights. 

I’m using Firefox 3.0x. Friend using Safari. Compatibility seems fine.

When you mute a wave you can see it by choosing All from navigation pane. To “unmute,” select wave and click the inbox tab.

Finding waves with a particular contact: The search box for the inbox area is not useful unless you know the wave email address. It won’t give you a hit off the name (unless I’m missing the query term for it). So you would have to look for “pfhyper” for me and not “Peter”. You can search on “Peter” from the contact search and the pop-up will reveal recent waves. (Checking Wave help and they mention you can’t actually search on names yet.)

The Google Wave overview video is telling me I can link waves and publish them to my blog. Do you have to use blogger for that? Ah, you need a gadget or robot or something. has a list of robots and gadgets.

I finally found the Tweety robot  (made by the Wave team) and installed it. Tweety will display your Twitter stream in Wave and allows you to tweet from Wave. Or at least it will do that when they finish with it. Right now, it will grab your current twitter stream but then not continue updating and you can’t post to Twitter. 

Check the Wave help forums if you are trying to get gadgets, robots, extensions to work. That’s where I found out that Tweety is broken for now. When they get it ready to go, it will be put in the Extension Gallery located in the “Welcome to Google Wave” wave. 

For the record, this is how you install the Tweety robot. The instructions may be useful for other robots and gadgets.

  1. Add to your contacts. 
  2. Start a new wave. 
  3. Drag the tweety contact to the contact area above above the new wave. 

That’s all from my first Wave adventure. If you’re on Wave, you can connect to me at


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