Some notes on using Posterous

  1. Good thing: pasted picture and text from a web site in Gmail rich text editor and the picture appeared in Gmail and at the Posterous blog when I sent the email! (I think you have to enable the "embed picture" thingie in Gmail labs to do this.)
  2. Bad thing: PST timestamp. If you're CST, all your posts are stamped 2 hours earlier. If you change one and then forget to change the next one, then they get out of order. Please, please fix this Posterous People!
  3. Bad thing: Editing at Posterous and saving often results in Posterous telling you it can't find the page. Use the back button to go back to the edited post and try again. If it still doesn't work, copy the changes, go to the Manage area and try editing again and saving. It usually works the second time around. This is a really frustrating problem.
  4. Tip: Send items in as private by sending to Then you can edit and view before going public. I usually do this when I use the Share on Posterous bookmarklet.
  5. Tip: If you send to it doesn't auto-post anything.
  6. Confusing: If you are a contributor on someone else's Posterous blog and you use the "post" address for email, it will auto-post to your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, etc. accounts and not the ones that belong to the site where you contribute. So use the tip from #5.

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