Bedlam Theater needs your help

From Ben Marcy, Development Officer with Bedlam Theater:

We have a bit of a crisis on our hands.

Last Tuesday, the floor in our Fireplace Room fell through and we found that the joists under the floor had considerable water damage from a pipe that had burst two months ago. While the water was contained in the room, the entire floor had to be removed.

We're now beginning our "Fill in the Hole" Campaign. We've had productive conversation with Fine & Associates, and they will match our amazing response of over 200 volunteer hours with rent reduction to offset the costs of the damages. We've raised a little money to help pay for the costs, but there is still more to do.

We're looking for donations, volunteers, and people getting the word out about our campaign. People can get more information on Facebook, GiveMN, and of course

Any way you can spread the word and help the cause is greatly appreciated!



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