Seeking nominations for my Mpls-Neighborhoods Twitter list

A while back over at the @sewardtweets account, I started a Twitter list for Minneapolis neighborhoods and other relevant tweeters.

I'm looking for other tweeters that might fit this list especially other "official" Minneapolis communities and neighborhoods. (Unofficial tweeters representing neighborhoods will definitely be considered.) Please go over who I am currently following on the list to get a better idea of what it is I have in mind.

A few ground rules (it is my list, afterall):

  1. It's Minneapolis only. I was going to add @freshmn and @tcdailyplanet but they cover a larger community.
  2. Its not a single business. @Freewheel_Mdtwn didn't make my cut but @MidtownGlobal did.

I wish Twitter had collaborative lists that spanned account boundaries. But they don't so I will take this on for now. If anyone knows of other lists like this, let me know.

I would love it if you also subscribed to my list!


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