TCF Bank has video to sell you overdraft fees.


(Click through the tcfbank link to see the video.)

Saying ‘no’ can avoid unexpected fees on your account.

TCF markets aggresively to University of Minnesota students. Before the Federal law change, the TCF ATM default was to allow ATM cash withdrawals whether funds were available or not and to charge an overdraft fee with no notification at the time of the ATM transaction. Even more evil, if you make an ATM deposit and then check your account at the ATM, it reflects the money you just deposited. But that money is not really there and attempting to withdraw it immediately will also result in overdraft charges.

I believe bank practices like TCF’s led to the changes in the law. I think the little video is great in how it tries to convince you to let good ole TCF continue to pay out on insufficient funds and charge you a fee. Surely, they seem to say, this is the best way to go.




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