Valley Fair’s flooded roller coaster

I tweeted this image out earlier with a link to the Secrets of the City site where I found it. But I wanted a bigger picture of it and found one at the MPR story (linked from SOTC).

MPR (and SOTC) attributed the image to MN DHS and I decided to try and find the original. "DHS" is the Department of Human Services which seemed an odd place for this photo to start from. I wondered if they actually meant "Department of Homeland Security." I was right but Homeland Security isn't DHS it's DPS (Department of Public Safety) or SEOC (State Emergency Operations Center) and HSEM (Homeland Security Emergency Management). I guess it was easier to borrow the Human Services acronym.


The original (plus another Valleyfair shot among others) is over at an HSEM site in the slide show.



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