This is the blog of Peter Fleck stretching back to 2004 — 12 years! I’ve finally centralized it all here: my original Blogger blog, then my stay at the now-deceased Posterous. At the moment it represents an archive since I’ve not posted since 2014.

My business site is at pfhyper.com.

To quote from my Twitter profile, I am

male, married, 50s 60s, minneapolis, mn us, Seward online manager at http://sewardprofile.posterous.com  http://sewardprofile.wordpress.com & @sewardtweets! WordPress developer.

That will suffice for now.

That’s Dia the Cat in the header. Her and her sister Noche no longer live with us but we were able to find wonderful parents for them and we get to babysit when they go of town. They now have their own instagram page!


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