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Moving everything to one location

Photo of large building being moved by a small truck.

This blog began in spring of 2013 by porting over the remnants of my Posterous microblog. Previous to that, I began my blogging pre-Posterous over at Blogger/

As of Oct. 1, you should find all of the blogger content back to February of 2004 available here. Some images — particularly links back to Flickr — may not be displaying.

The next step will be to port this over to my main site.

Of course there are still remnants of me all over the web.


Blog search tools II

See 5/26 post too.

The Rollyo searchroll doesn’t do a good job with its embedded advertising and it’s difficult to tell the ads from the results.

I switched to my good friend Google and so far, it looks pretty good. Ads? Yes. But we are all accustomed to the Google ad concept so that makes their search tool more usable. (Non-profits, schools, and government can turn off the ads.)

Besides creating a search engine for a blog or site, you can access your personal search engine(s) via Google.

Much more control over the look-and-feel and you can specify keywords for tuning your search results. There are also a few advanced features: context, annotations, and refinements. (Sorry, I’m not taking the time to even dig into them right now. You’ll have to go look yourself.)

I have invites to the Google Co-op world where these personalized search engines exist. Drop me a line if you need one.

Blog search tools

I had a Technorati widget over there on the right for searching my blog but it wasn’t working. In fact, a direct search on my blog at Technorati also failed. Don’t have any idea why.

So I now have a Rollyo widget over there on the right. It generates a confusing array of results along with a bunch of ads that look suspiciously like results. I am not amused.

Stay tuned. I suppose Google must have something I can use here.