Some Useful WordPress.COM resources

Thanks to everyone who came to my WordUP! presentation on WordPress.COM. Here are some resources that I have found valuable.

Follow the News — I subscribe via emails. Much of it talks about blogging or particular bloggers but they also announce new features and new themes via the blog.

Money back on upgrades. Most upgrades have a 30-day money-back guarantee. This includes premium themes.

The easiest way to view and search for a .com theme is here: and I like the first one.

Beware the theme demos. You may need to get a custom design upgrade ($30/yr) to achieve the look that is displayed.

There is a new post editor at .com that I assume will find its way to .org. The ‘classic’ editor is still available too.

Stay Tuned!

I’ve vetted themes for clients and have a short list I recommend. I’ll gather my notes and post the list here. Good timing for me as I’m adding a new .com client.

Useful Links

How to create a basic site in the .com universe.

.com Support

Support Forums


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