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Broadband Bill Introduced in MN Senate

February 10, 2010



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Last Wednesday, State Senators Prettner, Solon, Doll, Scheid and Rosen introduced S.F. No. 2254 which sets state goals for the deployment and speed of high-speed broadband. The bill has been referred to Energy, Utilities, Technology and Communications Committee for a hearing scheduled tomorrow, Feb 11th at 3pm (stay tuned).

The bill sets a statewide  goal that by 2015:

???All state residents and businesses have access to high-speed broadband that provides minimum download speeds of ten to 20 megabits per second and minimum upload speeds of five to ten megabits per second.???

Additionally, ???That Minnesota be one of the top five states for universally accessible broadband speeds, in the top five states for broadband access,??? and  in the ???Top 15 of nations globally for broadband access.???

Interestingly, no mention of affordability.

The download and upload speeds and the 2015 deadline are recommendations from the Minnesota Ultra High-Speed Broadband Report released in November 2009.

Related: TECHdotMN interview with Rep Sheldon Johnson, the Chair of the Telecommunications Regulations and Infrastructure Division.

h/t  Blandin Blog for the pointer.

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