Originally uploaded by tasker.

I didn’t serve in Vietnam (or the military) but I had a draft lottery number and a cousin who did serve and suffered damage to his mind. It was a very, very ugly war. (A very sad thing is that Iraq with its Abu Ghraib moments may approach that ugliness.)

‘tasker’ (he doesn’t identify himself beyond that) is posting snapshots his father took while serving in Vietnam. He says:

My dad did two tours of duty in Vietnam. While there he took photos and sent home slides so that his wife and son could see him. We’d look at these slides nearly every night. I will hopefully get some comments for each one from my dad.

It’s an intimate look at life during that war. Finding them this morning (Caterina at Flickr blog blogged one) was like stumbling on a shoebox of old photos and then realizing what a true treasure you’ve found.

Thanks tasker.


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