Earth Location of My Blog

Finding the latitude and longitude. Go to Maporama and enter your address, postal code, city, state province, whatever, in the first set of boxes and it will return a page with the latitude and longitude in the lower left.

Lat-Long of where I live in Minneapolis, MN USA:
44° 57′ , -93° 14′
44.962 , -93.238

Now you can plug the info into a meta tag on your main blog page. If you are registered at Blogwise (free), they should come along eventually, scan the tag, and put you on their map (this view zoomed to Minneapolis area).

Blogwise needs the ICBM meta tag, named because it truly is related somehow to the missile. More info on the meta tags here.

Thanks to Roy (who doesn’t have a blog) for sending me the initial Blogwise link.

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