Podcasting at Top Ten Sources

Dan Bricklin provides a nice introduction to podcasting at the Top Ten Sources site.

He covers technical aspects including RSS feeds. That part is still a bit geeky, I think, for beginners but darn, I’m not sure how to clarify it. I think it has to move to a discussion/conversation mode where questions can be asked and answered. Plus some way of demonstrating RSS and its potential.

The other sections of the essay really shine. He talks about the low price of admission to the world of podcasting. If you’re dream is to be a broadcast personality on the audio waves, podcasting can give you that chance. He gives a nice history of the medium and then he gives a list of sample podcasts that’s really good. I had listened to most of the ‘casters listed but not to many of the specific episodes (and I haven’t tuned in the Dawn and Drew Show yet). (The Dawn and Drew Show is listed as ADULT material and like I said, I haven’t listened yet so I don’t know if you might find it offensive or not.)

The Top Ten Sources site is pretty interesting too. They pick a news topic each day and then compile a list of ten sites that they consider the best sources for that particular topic. The sites must have an RSS feed. Topic lists are saved at Top Ten so you can browse them and it says they are periodically updated. I found the Astronomy one interesting and note that Tom Cruise was the topic one day.

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