Muni Wifi in Minneapolis! Will it benefit the community?

To answer the question above, a resounding YES if the people at the meeting tonight have anything to say about it.

I attended the meeting of the Digital Community Advisors Roundtable tonight. This group, composed of folks from several different non-profits (large and small) plus average citizens like me, is drafting a community benefits agreement that will likely (in some form) become part of the Wireless Minneapolis vendor contract.

I outed my blog there and welcome any of you from the meeting who are dropping by for the first time. I will be filing some notes on the meeting. So you should come back. For now, I’ll provide some links to some interesting blogs that deal with muni wifi.

First I’ll highlight posts here. This link will get you to a list of stuff that I’ve posted around wireless and most of it related to Minneapolis. In particular, I’ve got two letters to the Council, the last one in the post previous to this one.

Please comment or if you are shy, shoot me an email – pfhyper at

So here’s a brief wifi blog list. I encourage you to subscribe to them via rss/atom feeds and the easiest way to do that is at and I will even send you a personal invite to Bloglines with subscriptions to these blogs if you send me an email request.

  1. MuniWireless founded by Esme Vos. I don’t know if it’s the oldest but I think it’s one of the best.
  2. Public Ponderings by Sascha Meinrath (who also posts at MuniWireless). They are doing some cool thinkg in Urbana-Champain, Illinois area. Check out their Independent Media Center. Sascha also has an excellent list of blogs that he reads.
  3. Next Generation Communications by Ken Dipietro. I just started reading this one after seeing that Sascha reads it plus he posts at MuniWireless from time to time.

That should keep you busy. If anyone would like help in starting a blog or talking about blogging, I’m there for you. It’s about the easiest way to publish to the Internet. I use (free).


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