Guaranteeing a Neutral Network

Tom Evslin has a long history in the telco and Networked arena so when he writes about net neutrality, he’s worth listening to. He does not think legislation is the answer. Neither do I. What we want is minimal legislation to create a competitive marketplace and some would argue that it’s in place already.

Evslin thinks the Internet should be monitored for neutrality violations and the monitors would be us. No tools yet but the folks that can write them are out there. He pegs this as a form of citizen journalism and connects it to Dan Gillmor, Jeff Jarvis (who connects back to Evslin here), and Jay Rosen (who just announced, a project that could take this assignment under its wing). This networked or distributed journalism as Jarvis calls it, is slowly gaining prominence and has incredible possibilities in accomplishing extreme data gathering that would otherwise be impossible to do by a single journalist or even a small team.


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