Downtown Minneapolis Wi-Fi ahead of schedule

Report in the Star Tribune by Steve Alexander: the Minneapolis Wi-Fi deployment is ahead of schedule and downtown residents will be able to purchase service in April or May instead of June.

It also says that US Internet has talked to St. Paul about either Wi-Fi or fiber optic deployment. (It's not clear in the article if it was one or both.) They haven't been asked to submit a proposal.

There's also this:

As part of the Minneapolis Wi-Fi construction, US Internet has been planning how to provide signals to buildings as tall as 30 stories and how to avoid interfering with existing networks inside Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Lange said.

That's Kurt Lange, VP of operations and customer service at US Internet. So do they have to provide the signal 30 stories up for no extra fees? That's the question. Sure seems that way from the quote.

The new Ruckus model is mentioned. It will have a wireless component so you won't have to tack on (and buy) another wireless router if you want Wi-Fi in your home. No price set. The current router with no internal Wi-Fi component is $75 or $5/month.


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