Daily Bugle: Captain America Assassinated

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, was assassinated on the steps of the Federal Courthouse. On the Media has a report . Colbert too.

Haven’t read Cap since I was a boy but he was one of my favorite super heroes. From the Bugle:

Rogers, a veteran of World War II, thought lost during the close of those hostilities, returned to action decades later and was instrumental in the early days of the Avengers. He had been at the forefront of American superheroics until recently when he openly and violently opposed the U.S. government’s Superhero Registration Act. As Captain America, Rogers battled pro-Registration forces last week in Manhattan until surrendering himself to S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. He was on his way to his arraignment when he was struck down earlier today.

Hmm. Seems to me that Cap should have teamed up with X-Men who are always at odds with our government but generally have good hearts (well except Magneto and his friends).


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