Minneapolis Unwired: New article at TC Daily Planet on the wi-fi network buildout

Minneapolis wi-fi network nearing completion by Patrick Anderson. I am quoted and thank you Planet for the links to my wireless marketing piece.

A friend called over the weekend to tell me she subscribed to the wireless system. She has the Ruckus gateway in a window pointed at a radio 300 feet away. The signal is not satisfactory and drops more often than she thinks it should. USIW says that’s the nature of wireless (although they are still working with her). My own guess is the radios in her area need tuning for better coverage or additional radios need to be mounted. Since USIW is rushing to complete the network, I am doubting if the fine-tuning work gets a high priority right now. Additionally, spring brings leaves and leaves bring increased interference to the system and a greater need for tuning.


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