Unsummit: Pete & Jeff Talk Net Neutrality & Censorship

Here are some links about Net Neutrality that you might want to browse if you’re thinking of attending our session.The articles are reasonably short except for Chairman Genachowski’s speech.

WSJ: U.S. as Traffic Cop in Web Fight (a fairly balanced piece)

Jeff Pesek and I are facilitating the Net Neutrality discussion at the Unsummit (@unsummit) at Minneapolis Central Library on Saturday, Oct. 10. We’re scheduled for 10:40 in the Pohlad Doty Room. 

I’m working on the description of our session for posting to the Unsummit site. Here’s what I have so far. 

Net Neutrality & Censorship

Net neutrality has become a big deal since FCC Chair Julius Genachowski spoke in favor of it last month. How would net neutrality hurt or help the Internets as we know them? Will it be the end of innovation and the free net markets? Will a non-neutral net allow AT&T to spoon feed us “approved” data and censor what they don’t like? Will a neutral net allow Google to dominate the world? 

What the heck is “net neutrality” anyway?

Join us in a lively (and respectful) discussion on neutrality and whether it will help or hinder the Net.

Comments? Wonder if I can do the link to Genachowski’s speech.

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