Art Car Parade In Minneapolis

Photo of detail of cork car in the Art Car Parade.Yesterday was the 12th annual Art Car Parade in Minneapolis. I think Houston conceived of the first Art Car parade.

We arrived right at the end of the parade and spent our time touring the cars. Lots of people, lots of cameras, lots of dogs.

My last art car parade was several years ago and much smaller. Of course, some of the extra cars this year were linked to some kind of advertising rather than being pure ‘art’. (Geez, Wally McCarthy Chevrolet had an unadorned vehicle out there. Wally, next year, fund some artists to take some of your cars and create some art, OK?)

Some great vehicles this year. The Reptile car was one of my favorites. But for a full-blown conceptual style art car, the blasphemous Jesus-Monkey was hard to beat. It would be nice if the Art Car people would identify cars and artistst at their web site.

Check my flickr art car set here.

Photo of reptile car in the Art Car Parade.

Reptile Car

Photo of detail of the Jesus-Monkey car in the Art Car Parade.

Detail from the Jesus-Monkey Car


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